Meet our partners

The HEC Business Game is organized in close collaboration with leading corporates.
Together, we provide participants the opportunity to tackle real-life business challenges.
We thank our partners for their contribution and look forward to making HBG 2018 a great success!


At the crossroads of management consulting and digital & technological innovation consulting,
Wavestone has built itself on an original positioning and a unique value proposition perfectly
aligned with the challenges facing companies and organizations in the digital age. Wavestone
addresses the needs of a portfolio of leading clients, including major institutions and key
companies in their markets. The firm employs more than 2,600 employees, spread over 4
continents and able to operate in a synchronized manner across all geographies.

At the crossroads between management consulting and digital & innovation consulting, Wavestone has a distinctive position in this market, targeted at companies in the digital era.

Wavestone’s focus for its clients:
– How to transform yourself.
– How to transform yourself successfully.
– How to transform yourself before everyone else.
– How to transform yourself with everyone else.
– How to transform yourself sustainably.
– How to embrace change.


creation date

 ~2,628 consultants
11 offices
in 8 countries