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Ambitious partners. Exciting challenges.

From marketing and finance to sustainability and negotiation, our leading corporate partners deliver innovative, exciting business cases for our participants every year! Are you up for the challenge?



Bain & Company

Strategy - Carbon Emissions Reduction

Our client, a grocery retailer, is developing a carbon reduction plan to tackle its main GHG sources within Scope 1, 2 and 3 frameworks. They ask you to identify high-emission product lines, to benchmark their sustainability targets against competitors’, and to share a consumer incentivization plan that will shift shopper preferences. 



Marketing - Luxury Brand Diversification 

Expanding on a world-renowned brand image, Ferrari has diversified from the automotive industry to theme parks, e-sports, and hospitality. Your challenge is to identify new markets, touch-points, and products that will excite Ferrari’s two key audiences – Ferrari owners and Ferrari fans – while respecting the brand's luxury heritage.




Negotiation - The Aviation Industry

Michelin asks you for a set of pragmatic, mid-term measures that will green-push their client , with a focus on mid-term solutions such as fleet renewal, electric ground ops, and single-use plastics. Michelin must remain competitive in the market & adhere to strict safety criteria while balancing their sustainability ambitions.



Finance - Subsidiary Business Relations

In this interactive case environment, you’ll play the role of an analyst seconded from Milan to Shanghai – it's a race against the clock to complete your financial analyses and deliver a smooth presentation, reassuring stakeholders that the Chinese subsidiary is performing well under market pressures!



Schneider Electric

Sustainability - Energy Infrastructure

You are tasked with implementing a new energy grid in a remote location; your critical work will support local communities, schools, and small businesses. Develop an energy security plan that meets 3 key energy consumer profiles along with a measuring framework to track your socio-economic impact over the next 5 years.

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